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In every city there are hundreds of interesting clothes shops, where every month of their owners bring more and more interesting range of products, blouses, shirts, jeans, a variety of accessories, but to bypass all these stores and see what they appeared interesting, does not seem possible.

You just do not have enough time for it.

That is why we have developed and launched our service, where you can:

– To participate in the sweepstakes clothing and shoes from the town shops
– View products and innovations from all the shops
– Find out if your desired size, color, material
– Search for products on a particular store, shopping center
– Ask a question or to contact by phone with the store for information
– Be notified of new arrivals in select stores

With this app in search of clothes shops of the city – your shopping will be an order of magnitude easier and more fun!

Download SELLSO app on your phone and take part in a prize draw, which we will be regularly carried out in the presence of cities.


Date:  September 2, 2013
Skills:  Native iOS App
Tags:  iOS

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