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The mobile application «LifeAdviser» is a personal advisor, which will give you random advice or simple answer “Yes” or “No” at moments of of difficulties.Nobody knows in advance the answer on the question:”What kind of advice may “Lifeadviser” give? Therefore, in any case, you should think and make your own decision.

Advice of the mental question – I’d advise you not to ask advice from a fool, because he cannot keep silent about the case.Giving advice is always a mistake, but good advice you never forgive … You need to think mental question and when you will be ready, Life Adviser will give you the advice that is needed right now. But do not forget that you need to make a decision yourself. Any random advice does not replace your own opinion.

Tip of the Day – I wake up each morning. I open my eyes and think:now, again, all over again. What’s a new day for us? Each new day is a chance to change your life!Get advice on a day. Every morning Life Adviser will give you advice that will probably help to build a new day.

Quick tip – When you need to decide quickly what to do here and now. If a lot of clever words will not give solutions. If you need unambiguous advice “Yes” or “No”, “Eagle” or “Tails» – Lifeadviser randomly decides what you must do. It will tell you about it.

Date:  September 4, 2013
Skills:  Native iOS App
Client:  LifeAdviser
Project URL:  Launch Project

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